1. Which conditions can be treated with physiotherapy?

    It is not possible to list all of the conditions that physiotherapy we can help you with. If in doubt, please call and I will be happy to discuss the nature of your problem.

    General Conditions
    Lower back pain, Neck pain, Whiplash associated disorder, Occupational Injuries, Arthritis, Headaches, Work related upper limb disorders (previously known as Repetitive strain injuries), Motor vehicle injuries, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, womens health problems and pre / post-natal care.

    Sports Injuries
    Muscle tears, Tendon and ligament problems, Overuse injuries, Post-surgical rehabilitation, Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain, Shoulder problem, Tennis/golfer's elbow

  2. What do I need to bring with me?

    If you have any scans, x rays or referral letters from your GP or specialist doctor then bring these with you. You will be asked to undress so that a full assessment can be completed so please bring some shorts with you.

    If you are claiming through private medical insurance then please bring your details along to the initial assessment or email them to info@ehphysio.com

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